My research interests can be siloed in three different lines: 

Discrimination, Bias, and Stigma

How do biases and discrimination manifest in organizations?
How can we dismantle and eliminate discrimination in organizations? 

This specific line looks to explore both the covert and overt forms of discrimination individuals experience in organizations. Although discrimination has moved to more subtle forms over time, it nonetheless exists and impacts the lives and work experiences of those targeted by these acts.  

Diversity in Teams & Organizations

What are the barriers to creating more diverse organizations and harnessing the current diversity they posses? ​
How can we create a pipeline of diverse talent in underrepresented fields and advancement opportunities within organizations? 

As organizations become more and more diverse researchers and practitioners in the field need a better understanding of the processes and mechanisms that play into the experiences of diverse individuals in organizations. This understanding would aid us in best creating opportunity for those historically marginalized by various institutions.  

What factors play into the inability for  socioeconomically disadvantaged  individuals to more easily move into a higher class? 
How does networking and networks of individuals from different classes play into earning potential and success?  

In studying social mobility, scholars aim to analyze and best understand the ways in which an individual moves from one position in society to another. My interests here aims to develop interventions and practices for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals to become more socioeconomically empowered. 

Social Inequity & Mobility